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What is 2bites? is a FREE online community that matches members based on their common location, lifestyle, diet and cuisine preferences.

More than just a date site, 2bites is a place to make new friends, explore new places to eat, network with professionals and yes finding a special someone. We believe long lasting real relationships start with a glass of wine, good food and even better conversation.

A Country’s Cuisine: Greece

This past summer was spent traveling through Greece with over 50 Greek relatives. We watched our cousin get married by the ocean, hopped between islands and hiked through a gorge. We reconnected with our extended Greek family and visited the village of which we all...

Why Do We Date Online

The modern world of dating is a peculiar place. For most people, the ideal situation is a face-to-face interaction such as dinner and a movie, or a drink at the bar. No matter the specifics, everybody craves that connection. Yet somehow we are all stuck with our faces...

Dating with Diet Preferences

In our tech-driven society, almost everything we do has shifted into a mobile or digital process — including dating. Tinder, Hinge, The League are just a few of many dating apps that will help match you with people who share similar interests or are just plain...