Here at 2bites, we’re all about two things: great food, and great connections. Our mission is to pair you with foodies who share your food preferences and lifestyle and to provide you with excellent resources.

Our blog contains a range of topics centering around food. You’ll find reviews on some of the hottest new restaurants in your city, as well as helpful articles about health, fitness, and relationships. And our food reviews aren’t limited to dining—we have a variety of restaurant reviews, from five-star establishments to hole-in-the-wall huts and best-kept secrets! Whether you’re craving a hearty meal or need to satisfy your sweet tooth, the 2bites blog will have an answer!

You’re probably wondering, why match people based on food? Well, we believe that food is at the core—pardon the pun—of all relationships. No one likes to butt heads about where they want to eat every time, nor does anyone enjoy always eating completely different from their partner, friends, or family. Having a special hub like 2bites to find people with similar food interests opens up a door to a whole new conversation about food! You can bond over past, present, or future dining experiences, either reminiscing about a place you both ate at or anticipating when you’ll eat somewhere again. 

Sometimes it’s not just about liking the same foods—it’s also about having the same goals. Nowadays, more and more people have adapted certain food lifestyles (i.e. vegetarianism, veganism, etc.) that to others might seem limiting. Being able to connect with people who share not only the same favorite foods but also the same diet lifestyle gives hope for new relationships and a broader sense of community where one might need it. Even more important for some is having similar eating habits. Connecting with people who have the same diet and fitness goals can inspire and motivate people to sustain their lifestyle choices and emerge successful!

This is why 2bites is about bringing people together through food. We want everyone to have access to a community where they feel understood and heard through finding people with similar food interests. 

Let’s make dining out fun again!

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