Dallas’s famously trendy Knox-Henderson neighborhood has just become host to a new poké restaurant: Mamasan House of Poké. Located just east of Fitzhugh Ave and Highway 75, Mamasan’s simple yet eye-catching restaurant possesses something in their food that is as clean and simple as its sleek, polished exterior.

Being a huge poké fan, I was anxious to try Mamasan after seeing raving reviews about its poké via @chompdallas‘s Instagram story. Hungry as ever after a long day at work, I went for the salmon poké in form of a sushi burrito, while my friend opted for the traditional ahi tuna poké bowl. Since my friend and I got poké in the two different forms served there, we were able to sample each other’s dishes and determine if one of them was more delicious or satisfying.

Regardless of which form you consume your poké, it is mixed with brown rice, adzuki beans, asian greens, quinoa, and black sesame-ginger dressing – the only difference was that I could enjoy all that wrapped up into one delicious “sushi-rrito!” The fish was incredibly moist and fresh, it melted in your mouth and the black sesame-ginger dressing offered a refreshing after-taste. I even “poked” at my friend’s bowl for a bite and was just as delighted by how delicious and fresh it was!

One of my biggest factors on whether or not I return to a poké restaurant is how much fish they actually give you, because let’s be real: sushi-grade fish ain’t cheap! What pleasantly surprised me about Mamasan is that even towards the last bite of my friend’s poké bowl, there were still generous pieces of ahi tuna poké remaining; not only was the helping size decent, but it also was properly and well-mixed throughout the bowl so as to not concentrate all the poké in one area. Another unique aspect of Mamasan is that it offered poultry, meat, and vegetarian options instead of just fish – so no matter your diet preference, everyone can enjoy something at Mamasan House of Poké!

I will definitely be returning to Mamasan for another yummy sushi-rrito very soon, and recommend it to anyone living around or visiting Dallas proper. Knox-Henderson is known for its posh restaurants and boutiques, and Mamasan has upped its trendy vibe even more!