About 2bites.com

Hi my name it Tony DeSylva. Founder of 2bitesTM (2bites.com). The first FREE online community that matches members based on their common location, lifestyle, diet and cuisine preferences. Our skilled chefs use a secret recipe to pair foodies and places where they should dine out together.

Food and relationships have gone together sense the dawn of time. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship; romantic, family get togethers, co-workers or old time friends. It’s when we eat together, we truly start to know one another on a deeper more personal level.

In todays world people have a variety of diet requirements with sophisticated pallets. We have access to foods from all over the world within minutes of our current location. Our food can be delivered, prepared ready-to-eat or fresh ingredients, pre-chopped and measured ready for us to cook.

With so many choices only makes sense that three of the most common questions of all time has been; “what do you want to eat?”, “where do you want to eat?” and “when do you want to eat?”. These questions will be asked again and again for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t be nice if we could find someone who shares your diet choices and eating habits? What if they enjoyed the same type of food in the same setting as well? This is when it came to me.

Why not make a service that matches people by their diet and cuisine preferences? And make it free!

Is someone who eats meat compatible with a vegan? Probably not the best match, but what about a vegetarian? That might work. Thai food has become very popular however it’s not my favorite. I’d rather go to out for Mexican or Indian food. Wouldn’t be nice to go out with someone else who likes the same? This need is why I built 2bites.

I believe that people with similar diet and cuisine preferences and a few other key metrics is one of THE BEST ways to match people whether its the first date, friends or even colleagues settling on where to go.

We make dining out fun again!

Try my site out, it’s 100% free!